Who we are, What we do & how we do it

We deliver exceptional cleaning standards cost effectively

What we do

Why Hybrid

Our CEO Mark Wilson and Managing Director Andrew Lawson have over 40 successful years combined working within the cleaning industry, their ability to understand what the customers need and what can be delivered has driven them both for all their years working in the industry.

Cleaning, while not being complicated, can so easily be a huge cause of concern, especially now. However, their understanding of the industry and the people that perform their duties everyday means that Hybrid can not only deliver for the unit managers, but the Hybrid System ensures every customer is informed always what is being delivered each day.

Rigid Flexibility

How we do it

Like most business’s today cleaning is a people business. We don’t clean fantastically well each day by magic, its about making sure that our people feel important, understand the customers wants and needs and are trained to do the job right. But most importantly our people have the ability to communicate any changes to those wants and needs instantly back to us, so we can make those changes happen.

Sometimes mistakes happen, but usually that is not the fault of the people at the sharp end, the cleaners, but rather a little higher up, the people that took notice of what you the customer wanted. That’s why we spend the time to understand not only what you need but why and design a cleaning schedule that you are completely happy with before you start.

We Listen

Only by truly understanding your needs and you understanding our abilities are we both going to succeed

Gold Standard

Our people put us in the position where we can honestly say that when you employ Hybrid you are ensuring a gold standard of cleaning to your venue


We are small enough to care about all our customers but large enough to be technically understand some venues with considerable issues

System Driven

Our System has been designed over many years to deliver what the customer wants and needs

People focussed

We understand that we are a people business our business is made up of Customers, unit managers, staff, and cleaners all with their own wants and needs and its our job to find a way to make everyone feel included in our success’s each and every day

Success Orientated

Just like everyone we like a pat on the back when we do a great job, so do our people and making sure we deliver what you need gives us that and more.

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Head Office
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T: 0151 329 0329
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