Its about our people

Its always about the people

It’s a people business

We run a business that is for, about and with people the first thing you have to understand is that People want to do a good job, they just don’t know how to. Your job is to train them to do it right


Health a safety
Risk assessments
Reporting etc


The how to of cleaning
The schedule


Customer service
Your wants and needs
The extra mile
The smile
The Care

The interesting stuff

It is so often the case that when we take over an account and must transfer over people via TUPE, we are told that we have to get rid of a certain cleaner because of a variety of reasons. We do explain that through TUPE we can’t just do that we have to work with them for a period. In truth some of our very best cleaners have come to us this way, the problem it turns out in 99% of cases. Its not the Cleaner, but it was the cleaning company and the fact that they didn’t recruit train or induct the person into the job the right way.

Remember people want to do a good job, you just must show them how.

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